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2017.11.14-16.Benny Green Trio@ CottonClubのお知らせ

11月14日(火) - 11月16日(木)に開催予定のベニー・グリーン・トリオにて、ドラマーが当初予定していたRodney Green (ds)からCarl Allen (ds)へ変更となりました。

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Happy Birthday, Benny Green!

2017年4月7日シカゴのオーケストラ・ホールで行われたOscar with Loveコンサートの映像。ピアノを弾いているのはRobi Botos。他のピアニストはRamsey Lewis, Renee Rosnes, Bill Charlap, Dave Young, Audrey Morris, Kenny Barron。

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Happiness! Live at Kuumbwa/Benny Green

Benny Greenの新譜『Happiness! Live at Kuumbwa』が2017年4月14日に発売される。前作『Live in Santa Cruz』と同じ場所でのライヴ盤だが、録音は2016年6月13日と新しい。ベースはDavid Wong(b)は前作から引き続きの参加、ドラマーはKenny Washington(ds)からRodney Green(ds)に代わった。収録曲はHorace SilverのThe St.Vitus Dance、Freddie HubbardのDown Under、Cedar WaltonのMartha's PrizeとSixth Avenus、Thad Jonesの50-21、Duke PearsonのChant、Wes MongomeryのTwisted Bluesを演奏。自作曲Pittsburgh Brethrenも収録している。
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The Torch Is passed.

1996年、Benny GreenがOscar Petersonから贈られた金のブレスレット。The Torch Is Passed Love Oscar 1996という刻印が記されている。Pass the Torchとは、オリンピックの聖火を誰かにバトンタッチすること、転じて誰かに責任・望みを託すことの意。The torch has been passed to a new generation...はJ.F.ケネディ大統領の1961年1月20日就任演説の一節。望みを託した人と、託された人の間には、他人にはわからない深い絆があることがわかる。
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2016.6.19 McCoy Tyner Tribute Concert(from BG Facebook)

It was an unspeakable honor and privilege to join in concert to tribute my hero and a true holy man of music, Mr. McCoy Tyner (Sulieman Saud), at Louise Davies Hall for the San Francisco Jazz Festival, in the company of the great Kenny Barron, Chick Corea, Joe Lovano, Geri Allen, Marcus Roberts and Taylor Eigsti, on Sunday 6/19.

We were all welcomed by a magnificent audience. While backstage I was privy to sit at a table and simply listen to Mr. Tyner reflect candidly (musician-to-musician and not "interview style") with Kenny Barron telling him of how it was for him to hear Mr. Tyner in their native Philadelphia, and Chick Corea speaking of hearing the master in New York City the same year, playing his magnificently beautiful, revolutionary piano for the first time to their ears. I felt that I was in Jazz heaven to hear Mr. Tyner speak with them as fellow musicians and to somehow revisit his youthful enthusiasm about playing with John Coltrane and Elvin Jones. Chick asked McCoy about the music which Coltrane was playing in his quartet toward the end of it's 5-year reign, how there were simple motivic melody fragments and the band would expound with deepest communal expanse as one whole integrated entity. He asked something like "Did John ever give directives such as 'play in G minor here', or would you just hear it and go from there?" and McCoy replied with something like "Oh no - we would just play". I was so tempted to turn on my tape recorder as they spoke, but I didn't want to behave like a school boy and deviate from the pure blessing to sit as a younger musician with these veteran masters.
Chick was so kind to everyone involved in the celebration and was clearly making efforts throughout the evening to constantly include each of us in the shared communion, so he turned to me in that moment and said, "Do you have those records, Benny?" so I eagerly qualified "of course, you mean like TRANSITION and SUN SHIP", but I knew of course that it was my place to be thankful to listen and not attempt to insert myself into the dialogue of these wise elders.

While I've always been quite hesitant to attempt to speak many words to Mr. Tyner, who was my second childhood Jazz Piano hero after Thelonious Monk, I found the courage to thank him for the beauty, joy and inspiration he gives the world, and he thanked me politely, but surely he sensed my nervousness. I had beautiful conversations with each of the other musicians, everyone brought their heart and humility to the forum, and I was elated to perform a piano duet with Marcus Roberts whom I've admired since we were both in our early 20's.
When McCoy began the concert with a solo rendition of the title track of the first record of his which I bought when I was 13, FLY WITH THE WIND, the president of the festival, Randall Kline, and my old "homie" from Berkeley High who was present as a most helpful production coordinator, beautiful Cecilia Engelhart, both realized that this was the piece I'd been practicing for weeks in preparation to perform for the tribute! So in the true spirit of Jazz I of course had to think on my feet and come up with another original of McCoy's to perform impromptu with my mother and sister and a few thousand serious listeners in the house, not to mention Mr. Tyner himself who I wished to tribute faithfully. No time to fret or sweat! Randall and Cecelia ran back to a dressing room with me and both concurred when I played a few alternate choices that I should go with another piece from the same 1976 recording, "Salvadore de Samba", which I played as a piano solo following Marcus and I performing "Contemplation".

Redemption came flooding my way when the "ice" of my nervousness in the presence of my larger-than-life piano god, McCoy Tyner was mercifully broken when as the concert was ending, the audience called us all back onstage en masse to perform Duke Ellington's "In A Mellowtone". I didn't want to push to join in and listened with my ears wide open to the two pianos, four hands rendition, grateful to be on the same stage as my hero and all of the beautiful masters, colleagues and friends. Finally Kenny Barron and the others, with bright open eyes as though it were Christmas, all urged me toward the Steinway McCoy was playing, to join him in the bass end of the keyboard. Then sweetest redemption came that I will cherish for the rest of my life - as soon as I began walking a bass line with all the will to channel my mentor Ray Brown I could emanate, McCoy smiled so wide towards me and spoke to me as a fellow musician sitting next to me at the instrument while we played - "Yeah, man! Walk on, brother". In that powerfully affirmative healing moment, I put all fear aside and was shown that I am one of the true extended family of Jazz, exactly what I've longed for since I first heard the African-American art form gloriously resounding through my father's Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker records - to be a part of the living Jazz legacy.
I want to thank McCoy and his kind son Dean, Chick, Kenny, Joe and his lovely wife Judi, Geri, Marcus and his very cool assistant Eugene, my dear friend Taylor Eigsti, the incredible audience and everyone involved in this unforgettable celebration, for all the care and humanity they showed me. If anyone who was in attendance has a photo of me and McCoy Tyner at the piano together, the smiles and love he showed me are an image I'd be extremely grateful to have a memento of, if you'd care to send it my way [please post them in the comments!]. Most of all, THANK YOU McCOY TYNER for making life such a richer, sweeter, invigoratingly colorful eternal thing for us mere humans.

With love and gratitude,

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2016.6.24 Benny Green Trio@ Cotton Club


2曲目はCedar Waltonの曲。一聴しただけでCedarの作とわかるブルースだ。ソロはpianoが先発で14コーラス。徐々に盛り上がる展開で、いかにもBGらしい安定感がある演奏。続いてbassソロが7コーラス、さらにdsのソロまであってこれが5コーラス。いい演奏だが、ちょっと長いかな。セカンド・セットはファースト・セットに比べて、1曲の演奏時間が長くなる傾向があるようだ。
4曲目:これもCedar Waltonの曲だ。急速調のピアノ・ソロを、オクターブ奏法で盛り上げる。
5曲目:ドラム・ソロからスタートしたこの曲もCedar Waltonの作品である。途中4ビートもあるが基本はファンキーな8ビート、ヒップでソウルフルな展開。リズムの2人が印象的。
7曲目:最後は一転して、Barry Harris編曲による急速調のナンバー。この曲もテーマが長いが、指はよく動き、構成にも切れ味があるので飽きない。そしてメンバー紹介、曲紹介もなく、そのまま終演。
8曲目:これはお馴染み、Duke Pearsonの「Chant」である。ファンキー・ジャズ、モダン・ジャズらしい名曲だ。ソロはピアノだけで短くまとめ、会場からは大きな拍手が。
終わってみると、たしかに客席からの歓声や掛け声はほとんどない。ステージも客席も、音楽に集中した約70分。 「いつもと違った」という感想の理由は、こういうことか。演奏活動以外にも、デトロイトの音楽大学で教鞭を取るBG。来年も5、6月頃の来日を期待して。
2nd set:
1.Pittuburg Brethren(Benny Green)
2.The Newest Blues(Cedar Walton)
3.Clockwise(Cedar Walton)
4.Groundwork(Cedar Walton)
5.Sixth Avenue(Cedar Walton)
6.He Has Gone(Oscar Peterson)
7.Bean and the Boys(Coleman Hawkins)
8.Chant(Duke Pearson)

以下は最新インタビュー。30分過ぎにDuke Pearsonの「Idle Moments」を演奏している。

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2016.6.21 Benny Green Trio @ Cotton Club

6月19日の夜にSFJAZZで、McCoy Tyner Tributeのステージで、Chick Corea,Kenny Barron,Marcus Roberts,Geri Allen、Taylor Eigstiらと同じステージに立ったばかりのBG。尊敬するMcCoy本人の前で、「Salvatore De Samba」を演奏したという。終演後、空港に向かっい飛行機に乗って日本入り。初日の1st setを観た。
 1曲目は、以前アンコール・ナンバーでも演奏したことのあるロンネル・ブライトの「Sweet Pumpkin」。ドラムはブラシ、リズムは最初はイン2のミディアム・テンポ。Aが16、Bが8の3コーラス。最後のコーラスはブロックコードで盛り上げ、ドラムとの4小節交換をA(16)で、サビからテーマ。
 2曲目から急速調、お馴染みSilverの「St.Vitus Dance」。pソロは5コーラス。最後のコーラスはPhineas Newborn張りのオクターブ奏法で盛り上げ、セカンド・リフからdsソロをフィーチャーして、エンディング。大いに盛り上がる。
 3曲目はシャッフル・ビートでFreddie Hubbardの「Down Under」テーマは長いが、ソロはベースが先発。ブルース進行で5コーラス。途中「Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho」の一節も引用して盛り上げ、ピアノ・ソロは短く1コーラス。エンディングもシャッフルでフェイド・アウト。
 4曲目は再び急速調でTommy Flanaganの「Mean Streets」。
もちろんRodney Greenのブラシを大きくフィーチャー。Jo Jonesのようにスネアでブラシを転がす技はみられなかったが、ラストのシンバルはまさに乾坤一擲。
 5曲目はDuke Pearsonの「Lament」。Donald Byrdの『Fuego』にしか入っていない。ベースのパターンからラテン・リズム、情感たっぷりのピアノ・ソロ。Pearsonは名作曲家である。
 6曲目はDavid Wongをフィーチャーしてトミー・ドーシー楽団のテーマ「ぼくはセンチになったよ」。サビはピアノ。ベースがテーマを取り、2コーラス。続いてピアノが3コーラス。再びベースが1コーラス。リラックスしたいい演奏。
 7曲目はウエスの「Twisted Blues」。急速調で、ウエスらしいテーマで一体感のあるブルース。
 8曲目は『Soultrane』でお馴染みの「Theme for Ernie」。Ernie Henryに捧げた美しいバラードで、このピアノも涙が出る。
 9曲目はCedar Waltonの「Matha's Prize」。マーサはシダーの愛妻。テーマの大半をベースとのユニゾン。どうもシダーの曲は、演奏者より曲の印象の方が強くなってしまう。これはモンクと同じだ。アンコールも、同じCedar Waltonのナンバーから「Hindsight」。これも同上の印象だ。 
 というわけで、BG3の楽しいステージ、David WongのMr.PC張りのピチカット、Rodney先輩のブラシを堪能したい方はぜひ。24日まで。

1st set:
1. Sweet Pumpkin(Ronnell Bright)
2. St.Vitus Dance(Horace Silver)
3. Down Under(Freddie Hubbard)
4. Mean Streets(Tommy Flanagan)
5. Lament(Duke Pearson)
6. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You(Ned Washington-George Bassman)
7.Twisted Blues(Wes Montgomery)
8. Theme for Ernie(Fred Lacey)
9 .Martha's Prize(Cedar Walton)
10. Hindsight(Cedar Walton)
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2016.6.21-24 Benny Green Trio @ Cotton Club のお知らせ


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A La Mode/Benny Green Sextet

Eddie Henderson(tp)Donald Harrison(as)Javon Jackson(ts)BG(p)Peter Washington(b)Carl Allen(ds) International Jazz Festival Bern, Marians Jazzroom, 16.05.2015.

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Keystone Korner Tokyo, September 1992




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